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Summer Melon - Juicy Baby LLC Scent


Top: Honeydew Melon
Middle: Watermelon
Base: Sugar


Growing up in Eastern, NC it was a given each summer that my Dad was going to come into the house with a HUGE watermelon. He would ask for some newspaper, head straight to the kitchen, and drop the enormous watermelon on the countertop. Using one of the larger butcher knives, he would pierce the watermelon directly in middle and begin cutting it. He would then pull it apart by hand to split it in half. This is when the sweet, juicy smell of that summertime watermelon would take over your senses and exactly what this candle smells like!! My Dad would make a horizontal slice just enough to skim the top for the first taste. Summer was not official until you had a BIG wedge of watermelon!


Introducing 'SUMMER MELON". This candle has a strong scent of sweet, juicy watermelon and honeydew melon.

Summer Melon

$17.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Juicy Baby LLC presents quality scented 100% natural soy candles that are non toxic, burn cleanly and contain a quality of blended fragrances.  Our soy candles are individually hand-poured in small batches.  Each candle is cured at least 14 days.  Curing the candle for this amount of time aids in the process to contain the fragrance blend and allows the candle to burn evenly.  This allows you to have the Juicy Baby experience with filling the room with a beautiful essence.

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