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Everyone deserves a moment to relax, be at peace and enjoy some time for themselves.  As a mother and wife, I know these types of moments are highly valued and much needed.  What better way to indulge in your self-care than with an amazing Juicy Baby experience that includes luxury handmade skincare products and lighting a luxury soy candle creating the perfect ambiance to fill your room with a beautiful fragrance. 

The name Juicy Baby originates from my late father's, William Earl Credle, nickname.  His nickname was "Juicy" which caught on from when he was serving in the Army.  I was the youngest of 11 siblings and would often be referred to as Juicy's baby in our hometown instead of my name.  My late father and mother taught us starting at an early age about faith, perseverance, and entrepreneurship. With the wisdom and guidance that has been embedded in me, I will continue to move forward with my dreams and goals. 


Juicy Baby LLC is created with a mission of creating products with love and positive energy in hope of others to have love and happiness within themselves by using our products or by creating an essence of good and positive energy while using our candles.


Some of us push so hard to make sure that our families are nurtured and supported. We make sure that we are being there for our friends for encouragement and comfort. We strive to stay on top of tasks at work to make sure the team pulls through.  That shows the genuine, kind, hardworking person that you are. But, wait! Take some of that loving, encouraging, supporting and comforting energy you give to others and apply it to yourself sometimes. 


We have to take the time to make ourselves a priority.  You owe it to yourself and you deserve it!  To better meet your goals on a day to day be sure to nourish your mind, body and soul.  Nourish your body with nutrients to aid you and your body in feeling good.  Create a mindset to build the road for your journey of being a better you.  Take the time to separate yourself from everything outside of you to just focus on your soul. Go for a walk, pray, meditate, yoga, sit in a quiet corner or whatever it may be to connect to your inner self.

Embrace life, mind, body and soul.  Self-care and s
elf-love is taking caring of yourself and loving yourself for you. You do not need an approval from anyone for that.

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“Even when it’s not pretty or perfect.  Even when it’s more real than you want it to be.  Your story is what you have, what you will always have.  It is something to own.

​-Michelle Obama

My name is Ranata Simmons and I created Juicy Baby LLC with the mission to create luxury hand-poured soy candles and skincare products to aid you with your self-care needs.  As I provide motivation and encourage self-care and self-love I also urge everyone to take time to make themselves a priority. It is important for everyone to love themselves and be confident with you are.  Embrace your life, mind, body, and soul.  Blessings.  

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